Q: Will Prosopagnosia mess up my iPhoto Library?

A: Most likely no. In the unlikely event of something going terribly wrong somewhere you can always restore the faces database (that’s the only file in the library bundle that is modified) from the backup that Prosopagnosia makes on every launch.

Q: Will Prosopagnosia also set the contact images in my address book?

A: Yes, since version 1.1 this is possible using Apple Address Book or Entourage 2008. From version 1.3 on image syncing is also available for Gmail. Thunderbird doesn’t support contact images at the moment.

Q: Is it possible to use Prosopagnosia with more than one iPhoto library?

A: Yes, it is! Hold the option key while launching Prosopagnosia and you will be able to select another iPhoto library.

Q: Which versions of Microsoft Entourage are supported?

A: Prosopagnosia only fully supports Entourage 2008. Limited support is also available for Entourage 2004, but the option of setting address book images is not supported. Transferring contact information into iPhoto is supported however.

Q: Why aren’t my contact images synced onto my iPhone?

AEarlier versions of Prosopagnosia did not mark the address book as changed after updating. This has been resolved in version 1.2.1.

Q: What’s with the unsupported iPhoto version warning?

A: This is a notification that you’re running Prosopagnosia on an iPhoto version that has not yet been tested and confirmed safe for updating. Although in most cases it is completely safe to disregard this warning, caution is advised, as well as regular backups.