Address Book integration in iPhoto 8.0.2

Starting with version 8.0.2 rudimentary address book integration is built into iPhoto, which allows you tag Faces using the contacts found in your address book. Prosopagnosia, however, takes this one step further, allowing you to transfer contacts from other address sources than Apple Address Book as well as transferring contact information into already existing Faces. Prosopagnosia can also set contact pictures in Address Book using the pictures from your iPhoto Library.

2 Responses to “Address Book integration in iPhoto 8.0.2”

  1. Bernhard says:


    is there an update for iphoto 8.1?

    thank you,

  2. Simon says:

    There is an update in the works, not too far away. In the mean time I can confirm that it is perfectly safe to run Prosopagnosia on your iPhoto library even if you’re running iPhoto 8.0.4 or 8.1.

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